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There are two options:

  • Buying Sessions (1 session up to 3 persons)
  • Buying Time - renting 5D cinema for a certain amount of time and watch any movie you want


Prices are as follows:

       Registred user:                                                                                    Not registred user:      

  • Movie of the week €10 (for 3 persons, €3.33 p.p.)                                   Movie of the week €10 (for 3 persons, €3.33 p.p) 
  • 1 session: €15 (€5 p.p.) there a choice from the list.                                                                                                                
  • 2+1 sessions €30  the third session for free, (€3.33 p.p.)          
  • 30 min time: €60
  • 1 hour time: €100



Please note, registered users get BUY 2 GET 3RD ONE FREE discount when buying sessions. For every 2 sessions they buy for €30, and get 3rd session free (€15 saving).

Please select number of sessions or time.

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